Cincinnati Bengals draft the Dell Streak as the fourth pick in the NFL Draft

Cincinnati Bengals draft the Dell Streak as the fourth pick in the NFL Draft
It isn't everyday that a smartphone becomes the first round pick of an NFL team. As the video below shows, the Cincinnati Bengals, using the fourth overall pick of the draft, selected the Dell Streak.

With a 5 inch screen, the Streak certainly has the size to play in the NFL. The Bengals did luck out in one regard. This Streak seems to be attached to the ear of University of Georgia wide receiver AJ Green whom we hear is a fair country player himself.

While you probably couldn't get any of the Cincinnati Bengals management to say it out loud, we're sure that they are hoping that with this pick the team has come up with a winning Streak.

source: YouTube via Engadget

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1. ATTCallCenter unregistered

This article is completely stupid and pointless. Cell phones do not have legs nor arms, therefore can't play football. Jeez

2. zackh121556 unregistered

LOL, Im thinking its about time we stop pointing out all the ANDROID, I have one and now see it everywhere...its a Great thing, but if we keep reporting it we will spend all day....iphone is out...Android is in, Like the Droid X in the front of the crowd when they spoke on Usama Bin Laden being dead.

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