Chinese woman injures eye as Apple iPhone 5 explodes

Chinese woman injures eye as Apple iPhone 5 explodes
With Apple trying desperately to inform its Chinese customers about the dangers of using third party chargers, another news story comes out of China about an exploding Apple iPhone 5. This time though, a charger wasn't involved. A woman whose family name is Li, came to work and was using her iPhone to make a call with a friend that was lasting about 40 minutes. Feeling the screen of her phone getting warm, she tried to end the call, but the touchscreen was not responding. Then, the iPhone 5 exploded.

Li says that she could not open one of her eyes following the explosion, and felt debris going into her eye. The doctor noticed a mark on her eye, which was made by some material that had scratched her. Additionally, her eye was also red and inflamed.

The victim told Chinese media that she had purchased her Apple iPhone 5 in September 2012. She had dropped the phone once, which left a small dent in the top right corner of the screen where it exploded. She said though, that the phone was usable despite a small drop in responsiveness where the dent was. She also said that she was not expecting any compensation from Apple, but she did wonder why her friends' less expensive phones with a similar screen problem, didn't explode.

Apple's after-sales service department told Da Lian Evening News that it will investigate, but that the explosion would not normally be covered under the handset's warranty. Earlier this year, a Chinese flight attendant was killed by a lethal shock that came from her Apple iPhone 5 when she answered a call while the device was recharging. 

source: DaLianEveningNews (translated) via ZDNet

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