Chinese government says no to naughty apps in the App Store

Chinese government says no to naughty apps in the App Store
As April opened, Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized to the Chinese for not offering the usual Apple warranty periods for the Apple iPhone 4S and Apple iPhone 4 in the country. Now, less than three weeks later, the Chinese government is going after the Cupertino based company, demanding that it removes pornography from the App Store. Apple's App Store was one of 198 websites named by the The National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications, although the Chinese agency failed to name the offending material.

When developers sign a contract with Apple to develop an application, the contract specifies that there should be no obscene, offensive or defamatory material. Earlier this month, an app was pulled from the Apple App Store inChina because it allegedly allowed users to gain access to books that have been banned in the country. Meanwhile, the state-run Xinhua News Agency did not detail which app or apps were found to be offensive in the latest report, and an Apple spokeswoman did not comment.

Mark Tanner, the founder of Shanghai research and marketing agency China Skinny, said that Apple needs to realize that in China, government relations are a huge part of doing business in the country.

source: Bloomberg

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