Check out this 240fps slo-mo video recording made with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Check out this 240fps slo-mo video recording made with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Wanna shoot videos in slow motion? Great, it looks like the Galaxy S7 edge (read our hands-on!) is just great for that! As perfect as current technology allows, anyway, because for the time being, slo-mo videos at 240 frames per second are limited to 720p resolution on flagships. Then again, slo-mo videos are mostly about the smooth motion, and 720p still holds up in terms of fidelity. The 240fps (frames per second) video produced by the GS7 edge and shot by EuroTech shows plenty of both and makes for a fine showcase of Samsung's flagship.

At this point, we can't be sure whether the S7 edge has "true" 720p/240 fps video or interpolates a 120 fps video to 240 fps. A sceptical Reddit user pointed out that looking at the baby's mitts reveals distortion around the hard lines, which is a typical sign of interlooping frames. However, we can mostly agree that Samsung's slo-mo is very usable and looks fine.

Of note is that the video shows both a normal speed and a slowed down section, which means it's possible to share videos that slow down at user-defined points with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. You can easily pick the parts you want to slow down within the Samsung gallery app, then save the video how you want.

The Google Nexus 6P, which is the only Android smartphone on sale with 240 fps slow motion video recording, currently doesn't let one share a slow motion video that slows down at user-determined points. Instead, the whole video is being slowed down, which makes for a half-baked feature for some.

Anyway, here's the video below. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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