Check out these parts, allegedly heading for the 5.5 inch Apple iPhone phablet

Check out these parts, allegedly heading for the 5.5 inch Apple iPhone phablet
With the majority of recent leaks pertaining to the iPhone focusing on the 4.7 inch Apple iPhone 6, this morning we have some pictures to show you that relate to the rumored 5.5 inch Apple iPhone phablet. These photos feature internal parts like flex cables and SIM trays that allegedly will be inside the larger-screened iPhone model. The flex cables are for the power button, and the volume/mute button.

We suggest viewing these pictures through your cynical eye, and also recommend that you take the story with a grain of salt for double protection. It is hard to say with any degree of certainty that these parts are heading for a 5.5 inch iPhone. Take the blue colored SIM tray for example. There have been no reports of a blue iPhone coming down the pike, although it is possible that these parts need to go through another round of the manufacturing process that will change the color of the tray.

Apple is believed to be introducing the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 in September, with the unveiling of the larger screened model taking place as soon as the following month. As we told you earlier today, Apple has reportedly informed its supply chain that mass production of the 5.5 inch iPhone will start in September.

source: (translated) via RedmondPie


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