Catch the pigeon! Here are the best and worst Flappy Bird clones

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At this point in the history of mankind, we are certain that even Pope Francis is aware of Flappy Bird and the global craze it sparked. Its success story is quite unusual – a true sleeper hit. Flappy Bird was a months-old iPhone game that nobody cared for, until things started happening. 

In late January, the Reddit hive-mind and PewDiePie (the most subscribed YouTube channel ever) collectively made the game go viral, for reasons unfathomable. The Internet's torrent of support helped Flappy Bird conquer the number one spot in the App Store. A little later, Flappy was ported to Android on January 31, and has amassed over 10 million downloads so far. The game's developer, Dong Nguyen, is already frustrated with the buzz and wants his peaceful pre-fame life back.

What is it about this ridiculous game that made people go nuts over it? It's quick and addictive. It's insanely hard and completely harmless at the same time. It's so goofy and minimal that it could be considered an “anti-game” - so stupid, it's awesome! Its rise to popularity is, essentially, a big joke with the games industry. 

But this article is not an essay on Flappy Bird. It's about how little time it took for other developers to try and cash-in on its formula. Not weeks – literally days after it went viral! It's only February 5, and the amount of Flappy Clones on Android and iOS is staggering. We've rounded up some of the best and worst examples of flattery by imitation.

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