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CTIA Fall Day 1 Keynote Live Coverage

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CTIA Fall Day 1 Keynote Live Coverage
Hello from CTIA Fall 2011! We're here live at today's keynote with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint CEOs: Ralph de la Vega, Dan Mead, and Dan Hesse, respectively. Please follow our up-to-the-minute updates below in order to get the latest details from the carrier community, straight from the horse's mouth. Let's see what these guys are up to...
CTIA Fall Day 1 Keynote Live Coverage

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12:42And we are done here folks. Keep an eye out on the site, we'll be checking out some new stuff. This is John v, signing off. Thanks!
12:42Wow. And Dan is done. That was quick
12:39Such as its reliable network.
12:39Again, Dan appears to be focusing on Vz's strength
12:39Going into social media how its a connective tissue to our lives
12:37So far, they're promotion a lot about the power of its devices and network.
12:37Dan is back on stage
12:35Brief video about machine-to-machine.
12:30Dan's topic at hand is to show the full potential of wireless to its customers now and the future.
12:29Dan is reminding us about 9/11...how Verizon is committed to assisting in great disasters.
12:28Dan is out on stage. Lots of applause!
12:27Dan Meade is now being introduced and some background information.
12:27Ralph is done. Lots of applause.
12:26Ralph is giving his closing remarks now.
12:26He's talking about "wearable devices."
12:25Ralph is back
12:25Again, it shows how wireless impacts many sectors.
12:25Amber alert GPS lets you track your children. Its an Oreo cookie size device.
12:24Apps monitor a car to help manage your car. Like locking the doors, tracking fuel consumption, and diagnostics for cars.
12:23Like how a medical device monitors customers to get them help. "like on-star, for people"
12:22One more short video about emerging devices
12:2058% increase in user productivity.
12:20Video is over and Ralph is back
12:17Another short video about B2b apps
12:17Powerful mobile computing devices, fast widespread wireless networks, and cloud infrastructure.
12:16Now Ralph is talking about business customers.
12:15AT&T drive mode app is one of the results with the art
12:14Now Ralph is talking about innovation atat...the innovation pipeline (tip)
12:12Ralph is back up on stage
12:10Short video is up behind the scenes
12:09Its the place where developers collaborate to come up with wireless services, like apps.
12:09Talking about the AT&T Foundary.
12:07Ralph is talking about Boeing how they asked people to help with designs in global collaboration.
12:07Going into social networking media. How businesses small and large help interact with customers.
12:06talking about the acceleration of cloud computing and social networking.
12:05Lots of laughs as Ralph mentions Dan is the best actor in wireless right now. Lots of laughs of course. Friendly talk
12:04Lots of applause again
12:03Now Ralph de la Vega is being introduced.
12:03Dan is done and lots of applause
12:03"the future will be better tomorrow."
12:02Talking about sprint ID pack now. The relay ID pack focuses on the deaf.
12:00Dan says that sprint has asked its employees to pledge not to text or use device while driving.
12:00Dan is talking about sprint drive first app that locks a phone while a user is driving.
11:59Sprint is heavily engaged in combating distracted driving. Top 2 percent
11:59Most distracted drivers are under the age of 20.
11:58Wireless navigation will help keep track of vehicles...reducing emissions and fuel. Plus, distracted driving can be lowered
11:56Talking about water consumption as well.
11:55Thermostats will be lowered and lights will be off at sprint headquarters during the winter. To reduce usage
11:55Talking about the wind powered system in use at their headquarters
11:54Talking about Fleet services. How wireless can impact fuel consumption with Fleet vehicles
11:53Many phones will have power centric wall chargers, like the Samsung replenish with its solar charger. It got a platnum rating, first!
11:52Plus, more devices will incorporate recycled plastics

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posted on 11 Oct 2011, 11:34

1. little (unregistered)

hmm.. where is T-mobile?

posted on 11 Oct 2011, 11:46

2. blackrose (Posts: 48; Member since: 15 Apr 2011)

yea where are they no tmobile

posted on 11 Oct 2011, 11:52

3. Knicknevin (Posts: 151; Member since: 18 Mar 2011)

probably because Att is trying to downplay the T-mo presence...part of that "they're not really a competitor" thing...

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