CDMA Touch gets unofficial GPS upgrade

CDMA Touch gets unofficial GPS upgrade
The release of the new Alltel ROM we brought to you earlier has kept the PPC community busy for the past few days, and the fruits of their labor are now available to the masses. Thanks to a few members over at PPCGeeks and xda-developers, non-Alltel Vogue (CDMA Touch) users can flash their device with Alltel's newest ROM, enabling EVDO Rev A speeds, and a previous hack for the Titan will also enable GPS. Sprint and Verizon users alike are reporting success, though it should be noted that as of now Verizon users will not be able to go back to the stock. Of course, none of this is official so attempt this at your own risk! The process is fairly straightforward, though may be intimidating to first time flashers so user mindfrost82 has put together a simple to follow walk-thru over on PPCGeeks. We know Vogue users have been waiting for this day for a long time, so go get your GPS on!

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1. unregistered

God Bless you hackers.

2. T-Money3000 unregistered

Let's see how good it is!!!!

3. unregistered

Rumor has it that May 15th all VZW phones will be able to have VZ Nav on them as well.

4. BIGGERANDBETTER unregistered

NOT ALL VZW phones will not have VZNAV. Not all of the phones have Get It Now. PDAs dont and will only the Pearl has the ability for VZNAV. So when you stop reading stupid sites and obtain real knowlodge, come back and talk. Til' then, SHUT UP!

16. HazMatt unregistered

In responces to number 4. It is true that not all VZW phones have VZNav, but you need to edu-ma-cate yourself before you announce your ignorance to the world. The BB Pearl (8130), 8830, and Curve (8330) all have VZNav capability. The Motorola Q9c now has VZNav, and the Q9m does vcast video and music. VZW is working with the vendors that supply these services to make them more available for consumer use. If you are a customer service rep, you are the reason I always want to be xfered to Tech Support. P.S. Please proofread your posts before submitting, or go back to the third grade to properly configure sentences.

17. HazMatt unregistered

"NOT ALL VZW phones will not have VZNAV" re-read this statement. Double negatives are fantastic. Again by saying not all vzw phones will not, means they will.

5. unregistered

@9 It's funny that you sit there and tell people to get real knowledge when you go ahead and make a statement saying the Pearl is the only PDA that gets VZ Navigator. The Blackberry 8830 does, and several others will shortly (i.e. XV6800 and XV6900) - so stop being a hypocrite.

6. T-Money3000 unregistered

Ok so just a SIDE note.... the hack for the Touch is an Alltel ROM. If you don't know what this means: You are using Alltel's software; not their towers. Once downloaded, instead of "Sprint Vision" or "VZW" (next week) it says "Welcome to Alltel Wireless" or something. Also it downloads some Alltel programs. As for the GPS, you've got to do some major tweeking.

7. T-Money3000 unregistered

Last thing, VZ Nav's gonna be on the new Moto Q9c.

8. T-Money3000 unregistered

And the Curve will have it too but that goes without saying.

9. unregistered

there is no tweaking needed to get gps. the first time you use it could take 10-15 minutes to get the initial lock, but thats it

10. LessthanZach unregistered

Yeah, this is just the area to have disputes about gay being bad or not. Plus you spelled the wrong form of "YOU'RE". The Pearl of course will not be the only PDA with VZNAV, verizon is not that stupid. Off of that subject now... Is there a way to parse the Rev A and GPS portions of this flash out of the ROM so that we don't have to see the "Welcome to Alltel" screen and download their proprietary software. I work for vzw and I want this Rev A but don't want to get busted by having a phone that displays Alltel

11. Jay@verizon unregistered

VZ Nave can be ran through PDA's useing a similar source like APP ZONE, like the program used for the original Moto Q ( you DO know that the Moto Q has VCAST right, you know that cel phone program...yeah) So I wouldnt insult people on information YOU dont know. I happen to know for a fact verizon IS going to release VZ Nav eventually on all handsets, BBerry was the first of the bunchto carry the application becasue the user interface was freindly and the programs were secure so people couldnt HACK like they are doing to this phone, Once verizon gets a grasp on how to make able VZ Nav programs using Windows Mobile OS w/out having people screw with it, you will see a release. So RUMOR HAS IT know your stuff before you pull out your blank card, revealing the lack of intellegence you have to even post a smart comment on a random website. and RUMOR HAS IT the Q series is the next to have VZ NAV.

12. bradley unregistered

If you choke a smurf, what color does it turn?

13. unregistered

I got a feeling someone did not liked our original comments... LOL!!

14. bradley unregistered

just tried to lighten the mood a bit. it is after all JUST A PHONE.

15. unregistered

Hugs instead of Drugs

18. unregistered

i dont know how to do any of this!!!

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