Alltel Touch Gets Rev. A Update

Alltel Touch Gets Rev. A Update
Alltel today became the first carrier to bring EVDO Rev. A to the Touch. This new ROM includes a new bootloader and radio, and is specific to the Alltel Touch. In addition to Rev. A this new ROM "improves Bluetooth performance, fixing connectivity issues with some headsets and other devices" and gives Alltel customers the ability to receive video messages. Interestingly, there is no mention of GPS and it is confirmed that this is still not working. We've been hearing rumors of a Sprint upgrade since January, and Verizon initially said their variant would launch with Rev. A and GPS, so we'd expect both carriers to have new ROMs out sooner rather than later.

HTC Touch Specifications | Review

source: HTC

***Attention Sprint and Verizon customers: if you try and flash this you WILL brick your device!***

Update: Sprint, Verizon and other CDMA Touch users can now get Rev A and GPS, see our new post here.



1. Casper unregistered

verizon needs to start being a leader instead of a follower! They spend too much time with rolling out employee criterias and calling/data plans that they forget that people want the most for their money! VZW stop taking from the customer and start giving us what we pay for!

2. VZ_Junkie unregistered

Duh, VZW already has Rev A, just not "the Touch". Alltel also brags they have the largest network, LOL

11. Alltel Rep unregistered

It dose have the Largest footprint do your home work!

3. unregistered

verizon has Rev. A, but not on any phones...who cares if the network is Rev. A if you can't access it without an additional $60/month for an aircard.

4. Matt unregistered

To be honoest, due to the speed of the processor of the phone, the data speed will benefit little if at all from the Rev A upgrade. The only read benefit to rev on a handheld is for tethered internet access as the phone is just a modem at that point.

5. Alex unregistered

Rev A allows you to have both a data and voice connection open at the same time.

6. ev01 unregistered

Got 955k downstream after the upgrade... haven't tested data and voice call at the same time.

7. unregistered

alex...rev a does not allow this. voice traffic is handled on 1x, data on evdo, and the two cannot be done simultaneously.

8. unregistered

Rev. A this! Rev. A that! Who cares?! We're still way behind compared to Korea and Japan! Stupid Americans!

9. unregistered

well....americans had tech before the koreans and the japanese...i have one word for you

10. unregistered

We all know the Chinese invented everything first!

12. unregistered

Yeah Alltel is quick to bring out rev-a phones, cards and other things but have a rev-0 network so it is all useless

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