By 2017, Android could hit 1 billion devices shipped annually, Windows Phone with 400% growth

By 2017, Android could hit 1 billion devices shipped annually, Windows Phone with 400% growth
Canalys is a market research firm that is always making predictions about the mobile ecosystem, and the firm is usually one of the better ones about getting things right, or at least close enough. And, in its newest report, Canalys is predicting some huge numbers for Android, and big time growth for Windows Phone by 2017.

According to the newest report, Android and Windows Phone are primed to be the big winners over the next 4 years. If the numbers turn out, Windows Phone could see growth of about 400%, pushing its market share from just 2.4% in 2012 to 12.7% in 2017. Of course, the big winner will continue to be Android, which is expected to lose just 0.6% of its market share, and still control 67.1% of worldwide smartphone shipments. But, by 2017, 67.1% of worldwide smartphone shipments will add up to a crazy 1 billion devices shipped, which is more that double the 470 million Android phones shipped last year. 

Oh yeah, and that's another thing, we're just talking smartphones in this report. It's not even counting tablets which are also expected to explode over the next few years, with Android and Windows again taking a big chunk of that market. 

Canalys isn't as bullish on Apple, BlackBerry, or the upstarts like Ubuntu Touch, Firefox, Jolla, or Tizen. BlackBerry is expected to basically hold steady. Apple is expected to drop from 19.5% of shipments to 14.1%, and the "Other" category is also supposed to drop to just 1.5%. If the numbers bear out, it looks to be about what we've been expecting with Android leading the way and iOS and Windows Phone rounding out the triumvirate.


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