Business users are most satisfied with Apple

Business users are most satisfied with Apple
Have you ever wondered what does a business user want from his smartphone? According to a survey made by J.D. Power and Associates the five main reasons for choosing a such a device are: the internet capabilities, followed by the ability to send/receive emails, design, Bluetooth and the type of keyboard.

The J.D. Power and Associates also wanted to see, products of which companies best suit the consumers needs, by five main factors. Arranged by importance  are: ease of operation (27%), operating system (24%), design (21%), functions (18%) and battery life (10%). Ok, let’s go straight to the end results – Apple with its iPhone is in first place with 778 points out of 1000. It performed well in ease of operation, design and functions. Second and third place are respectively for RIM and Samsung, surprisingly, the biggest Windows Mobile smartphones manufacturer (HTC) is just fourth.

The survey also points the smartphones' major flaw, which is stability. 44% of the users complained that during the last year, they had to reboot their phone at least once a week. According to J.D Power and Associates fixing these problems is the way to make these devices more popular.

source: PR Newswire



1. unregistered

Above RIM? Wow!!! Would never expect that to be truth.

2. unregistered

These seems almost impossible. How many businesses do you know that use the iPhone.

15. unregistered

they never said that more business people used the iPhone than other business phones. They said that more people are satisfied with the iPhone than any other business phone. And you guys don't have to believe it, but the statistics for whatever area the J.D. Power and associates still stand.

3. unregistered

Maybe it depends where you are. Maybe it is how they worded the survey but in central ohio i have customer that say they hate the business functions(or lack there of) of the Iphone but love the phone and keep asking when we(verizon) are going to get anything close. Im not trying to start a fanboy war here but honestly thats really the main complaint I hear from customers. I have alot of customers that still have verizon for their familys but decided to go to att for their businesses because they wanted the phone. I do have some complaints about reception but not nearly as much as my verizon peers try to claim.

4. unregistered

this sounds like BS. i completely doubt it

5. unregistered

interesting survey. Must have only been a US survey, since the most widely used smartphone is still symbian by a wide margin...

13. unregistered

Ummm.... JD Power is a US survey company- they nhave never done anything outside the USA....

6. unregistered

Surprising. iPhone lacks too much for me to use in a business environment. I'd stick with RIM or Windows Mobile until Android receives Exchange support.

7. unregistered

to be honest i think apple and at&t is paying phonearena on the side for these type of articles... all i see is iphone is so great iphone this and that.... i'm sick and tired of iphone... even though i'm a huge fan of samsung... business users are most satisfied with either blackberry or htc it can't be apple!!! BS!!! phonearena stop making these type of articles!!! BULL!!! stupid apple and at&t paying phonearena on the side

10. unregistered

Idiots... when J.D. POWER comes out and says something, most people believe it... When they came out with the survey that ranked Verizon the Highest, all the VZW Fanboys out there cheered... Now the iPhone-Hating VZW Fanboys don't believe J.D. POWER and call it BS. Wow... what a bunch of morons. It is just like the femtocell device... Sprint came out with it first and the VZW Fanboys were saying how bad Sprint would need a device like that due to their "crappy" network. They said that Verizon would never need anything like that because of their "Time-Bending Baby-Creating All-Powerful" Network. Then, when Verizon announces that they will offer a femtocell device, VZW Fanboys have nothing to say... You idiotic hypocritical Fanboys need to shut the hell up. You can't go both ways you dicks. VZW Fanboys are absolutely the worst... at least we can all stand the Sprint and AT&T Fanboys... give it up already

11. unregistered

and paying J.D. Powers too, huh? Conspirator...

17. unregistered

It does always seem like PhoneArena is kissing the Apple and the iPhone's a**. It always seems like every article you read they are talking about how the iPhone is greater than freaking oxygen. Even some of the reviews that I have read (touch screen comparison for example) keeps giving Apple a free pass on the iPhone 3G with their software and reception problems, saying that they are sure they will fix it with a new software upgrade. I'm pretty sure they said that 2 software upgrades ago and there still hasn't been a big difference.

20. unregistered

I don't like the iphone either, but WAKE UP! Phonearena is simply reporting on the results of a survey from JD Power and Associates, on of the most reputable survey organizations around. I love how people cite these types of surveys when it supports their biased point of view and dismiss them as bogus when they don't like the results.

8. unregistered

i dont get it. im not saying the iphone is bad at all. kinda cool actually but i work for a multibillion dollar communications company and there is no way that an iphone would be able to do the things we need. RIM all the way.

9. unregistered

If verizon would get around to releasing the Touch Pro with keyboard and not have it crippled perhaps HTC would rise a bit in the list. As it stands I currently use an LG env for texting because my entire family is tied into verizon. For business and a smart phone, I'll be looking at the BB storm and hoping for the Touch Pro as there are apps on my palm that I still use (yes there are those of us still using palm out there) that are available in windows mobile versions. I would really like to get down to one device. I looked at the iphone. I wanted to like it. I did. But, my1/2 inch across fingers are too big to make the keyboard work reliably. I'm predicting that the storm will be the same way and I'll end up with a smart phone with an actual keyboard. So yeah, I don't believe the survey results either....

12. unregistered

I personally don't understand #12's prob...I LUV going both ways;)

14. unregistered

Since I have in my possesion the final verison of the BB Storm, I know that this survey is tentative because everyone knows RIM owns the business world and RIM will crush the I Phone with this one. Amazing is the only word I can come up with when it comes to trying to describe it. I Phone HAS NOTHING on this device for messaging, for ease of transfer for files folders and meda. It is so receptive to so many forms of media as well with no conversion process, I literally burnt a DVD and sent it right to the Storm and it took about 15 minutes. They pre-installed the 8 gig memory card for me, which is always a pleasure LOL. My company has decided to do the switch finally so I can now get some coverage in Arkansas and Oklahoma, ATT is known for being terrible here. My company is also saving a TON of money quarterly by making the switch. Verizon has quickly come on to the scene and displayed the better line up of personal and professional handsets and their network is smoking ATT in every sense. Edward McCormick- VP of Operations- Signs and Stuff Inc.

16. huh? unregistered

I'm new to the site...why is there so much resentment between the different wireless co's? Does it really matter who's "better"? Why do you care anyway?!?! I am a business guy and have had the MotoQ for two years now (original Q). My VZW contract is ready for renewal with new phone in two weeks and I need a top quality business smartphone. Do I wait for the Storm? Omnia or this new Moto Q11? HELP!!!

18. unregistered

You betta just STORM it bro;) Any Moto phone I've personally ever used has been crap. That's just my plain ol' opinion though. And Samsung makes phones that are in my opinion AGAIN, here and there in terms of quality. RIM always seems to deliver an exceptional phone/PDA experience and when my contract goes up for renewal in Jan, I'm going to be going with the Storm as well. Whatever you do, stick with big red...yes there is a BIG diff in carriers, and YES, it matters!

23. unregistered

To answer your question, unfortunately this site is populated by a ton of Verizon salesmen and fanboys. Their elitist attitude gets old after a while, especially when they infect every single forum, regardless if it has to do with VZW or not (like here). As you may have guessed, I do not have Verizon, nor am I a big fan of it, but I am open-minded enough to recognize that consumers have different needs. If Verizon is working for you, cool. I just wish some of the walking VZW commercials that plague PhoneArena could do the same. If I were you, I would wait until all the new phones come out, and then pop into your local Verizon store and see which you like best. Check out the reviews and then make an informed decision. I believe Verizon will allow you 30 days to make sure it's the best device for you and if it isn't, return it and try another. Good luck!

19. tflex

Posts: 146; Member since: Oct 24, 2008

we all knew verizon fanboys were going to give their input on this topic...again, they cannot live it down that the iphone is a great phone unavailable on their network!

21. vzw fanboy unregistered

lol just get the ipodtouch if you want an iphone so bad and stick wit verizon! dont forget a STORM is coming :-P

22. unregistered

The iphone is not a great phone, it has a cool touch screen but that’s it. Look at the iphone and compare it to other phones, take away the fact is has a touch screen; the iphone gets blown away. The article is talking about what business users want and i bet that most business users are looking at what it can't do compared to a BB or Win device, not whether it is going to be a cool looking accessory for their outfit. Also why would someone want to use ATT 3G? It is the slowest one out there; even tmobile's G1 has faster internet speeds than the iphone and tmobile just launched it a couple months ago.

24. unregistered

This commercial message has been brought to you by a brainwashed hypocrite! Can ya hear me now?

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