Business users are most satisfied with Apple

Business users are most satisfied with Apple
Have you ever wondered what does a business user want from his smartphone? According to a survey made by J.D. Power and Associates the five main reasons for choosing a such a device are: the internet capabilities, followed by the ability to send/receive emails, design, Bluetooth and the type of keyboard.

The J.D. Power and Associates also wanted to see, products of which companies best suit the consumers needs, by five main factors. Arranged by importance  are: ease of operation (27%), operating system (24%), design (21%), functions (18%) and battery life (10%). Ok, let’s go straight to the end results – Apple with its iPhone is in first place with 778 points out of 1000. It performed well in ease of operation, design and functions. Second and third place are respectively for RIM and Samsung, surprisingly, the biggest Windows Mobile smartphones manufacturer (HTC) is just fourth.

The survey also points the smartphones' major flaw, which is stability. 44% of the users complained that during the last year, they had to reboot their phone at least once a week. According to J.D Power and Associates fixing these problems is the way to make these devices more popular.

source: PR Newswire

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