Business info from numbers you call on Maps, appear on the dialer's Recents list on iOS 8 beta 5

Business info from numbers you call on Maps, appear on the dialer's Recents list on iOS 8 beta 5
A feature found on iOS 8 beta 5, might help businesses grab more customers from iOS wielding consumers. Businesses called directly from the Maps application on the latest beta version of iOS, will have important information found on the phone application's "Recents" list.

The information includes name, address, phone number, link to website, and information about Yelp reviews. A restaurant that pops up in Maps that you end up calling, might require directions for you to get there. That is where the posting on the Phone application's Recents list comes in handy. And for the eatery, it makes it easier for consumers to find.

Keep in mind that this works only with places of interest called directly from the Maps app. Get the phone number from Siri, and you're out of luck. Last week, iOS 8 beta 5 was pushed out to those registered with Apple as a developer, and should be released to all iOS users in October.

source: AppleInsider



10. AlikMalix unregistered

I come here for two things: 1. How other manufacturers news stack up against Apple news. 2. Apple-hater troll posts. Apple news are everywhere even when there's no Apple news. But I have no idea why Apple Haters hate Apple AND Apple consumers. I have been called an iDiot, iBoy, iAnimal-with-fur (it's no longer allowed to post), blind, worshiper of Steve as god, and etc, just because Apple products are really doing well by me. Yes they're not perfect, but when I think about competition and the mess that it is (once again just my opinion based on observation and comparison) I'm contempt with the inability to change my fonts or color of my interface or whatever. This is a phenomenon that takes me directly to comments section of an Apple article. If they have no interest in the product why are the attacks primarily directed toward consumers and the manufacturer. Did they get beaten up by someone who had an iPhone or something?

12. Arte-8800

Posts: 4562; Member since: Mar 13, 2014

Rotflmfao So was I called those nasty names before. And been insulted and criticised and never felt I belonged to society. I never ever will buy Apple products Cause Apple users are mindless and driven by false information by iGod Steve Jobs It's everywhere and all over the place Even in Wikipedia and techsites and YouTube. I have self respect . And no one can or will ever call me those names.

13. AlikMalix unregistered

My post flew right over your head, didn't it?

4. darkkjedii

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Sweet, and am so ready for 9-9-14 and 9-19-14.

5. Vexify

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Take a look at these comments and enjoy them brotha! It won't be long until a hater comes along and starts complaining and bashing lollll. But anyway, I'm pumped for the next series of iPhones! You aiming at getting the 4.7 or 5.5? Or both lol?

6. darkkjedii

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Yeah, soon as they wake up and log on lol. It'll be the usual suspects. +1

7. Vexify

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Already got attacked in that new Samsung article by x0000F. We sit here and mind our business while they bite like rapid hungry annoying hyenas lol.

9. darkkjedii

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They're lonely haters, that can't resist bro. +1

11. Arte-8800

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Apple’s foundation, she writes at one point, is “a cult built around a dead man.” When Apple Geniuses knock on your door and offer you literature describing how AppleCare can guarantee eternal life, you’ll have to admit she’s right. She is iSiri. ...


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2. NawalKishor

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yeah! me too bro!

1. LetsBeHonest

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Eagerly waiting for next big iPhones

8. steedsofwar unregistered

They need reverse lookup built into the dialer ala Android. THAT is a much more convenient feature, even though this is a good step in the right direction. It is so useful to have Google's phonebook in your dialer, that uses your location to show you businesses near you as soon as you type Walmart or Pizza.

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