Bracketron GreenZero chargers automatically help to kill vampire power

Bracketron GreenZero chargers automatically help to kill vampire power
In our homes, we don’t necessarily think about all that much, but in actuality, most of our cell phone chargers are slowly contributing to our higher monthly electric cost when they’re not actually charging devices – and oh yeah, did we mention that they’re wasting previous electricity as well?

These so-called vampire power suckers might not impact your monthly electric consumption, but think about it like this, it would seemingly add up if you had hundreds of idle chargers connected to your wall outlets. Well, fear not, because Backetron’s lineup of new chargers are here to automatically eliminate vampire power!

Essentially, these new eco-friendly chargers from Bracketron will recognize when a device is connected, which then allows them to be juiced properly. Moreover, the neat thing is that they will also detect when your device’s battery is filled to the top, which then automatically turns off the charging mechanism – but more importantly, they consume zero idle power to conserve energy.

Bracketron has three different models that include the Mushroom GreenZero, Stone GreenZero, and the Stone Battery. With the Mushroom GreenZero, it’s shaped like a mushroom, obviously, but the trick into activating the charging mechanism is to push down on the large green button – with your hand or your foot (as it’s depicted in the image below). Secondly, the Stone GreenZero works in similar fashion, but it’s more travel friendly, features a foldable design, and is activated the same way by pressing the less pronounced green button. Lastly, the Stone Battery features a 1,000 mAh battery inside to provide on the go charging.

In terms of pricing, the Mushroom GreenZero ranges between $24.95 to $29.98 depending on which model you go with (3 versions), and the Stone GreenZero retails for $22.56. As for the Stone Battery, its pricing hasn’t been announced just yet. However, all three products are expected to go on sale through various channels by March 2012.

source: Bracketron


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