Bluetooth headset for ladies by Plantronics

Bluetooth headset for ladies by Plantronics
Although you don't have to be a female to wear this, it is preferable as otherwise you may look ‘a bit’ strange. Plantronics 925 is the first model of the manufacturer, especially designed for the tender gender, but this doesn’t mean it is short of features: in its kit, there is even a mobile charging cradle, with battery, that gives power to your accessory on the go. The DSP-capable 925 will be available (in April) in twelve different color variants! Twelve! Pictured are gold and purple one, but there may be plenty of strangely-named colors such as “peach”, “pear” and other fruits. The price will be $149 a headset, which is OK if we think of it as jewelry, but rather expensive for a phone accessory.

source: ShinyShiny via BornRich



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