Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge coming soon to Verizon?


Following the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung plans to ramp up production of its Galaxy S7 phones. Although many Note 7 users don't think that any of the Galaxy series devices can replace their phablet, some customers will most likely choose the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge that almost all carriers offer now to those who turn it their faulty Note 7 units.

Before Samsung was forced to announce the recall of the Galaxy Note 7, the most popular color among customers was definitely the Blue Coral. There have been even reports that Samsung may have issues meeting the high demand for this particular version.

Fast forward several weeks and it looks like Samsung plans to invade the U.S. market with blue Galaxy S7 edge phones. Since bringing an old phone to replace the faulty Galaxy Note 7 model is not enough to keep customers happy, Samsung might have decided to push things a bit further and introduce a different Galaxy S7 edge color in the United States.

The back shell of a Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge has been recently caught on camera, which suggests that the phones are already in production. The picture also reveals the fact that the blue version of the Galaxy S7 edge will most certainly arrive at Verizon.

Other carriers might have it too, but for the time being we've only learned about the Verizon-bounded blue version. We doubt that this will be exclusive to Verizon, but we won't be sure until Samsung makes this one official in the United States, so fingers crossed.

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