Blake Griffin scores a video preview of the Vizio Tablet

Blake Griffin makes a video preview of the Vizio Tablet
When it rains it pours - first we don't hear anything for six months on Vizio's Android tablet and smartphone that it announced way back in January at CES 2011, then recently the Vizio Tablet passed through FCC and appeared for $349 in Walmart's inventory. 

Now we have Blake Griffin, of all people, casually transforming himself from the NBA Rookie of the Year to a tech blogger, previewing the VIA Plus ecosystem that makes Vizio's Android gear talk with your HDTVs of the brand.

To dispel this mystery Blake tweeted that Vizio has hooked him up with a TV for his new stomping grounds, and threw in a Vizio Tablet to check out. The LA Clippers' power forward got shown the VIA Plus ecosystem by a Vizio guy named Carlos whose talk about a "unified experience" was somewhat of a buzzkill, but he did show that you can flick pictures between your Vizio TV, tablet and smartphone, or control the entertainment system with the tablet's IR blaster.

We bet the "Wow, that's pretty sweet!" phrase alone has earned Blake the 3D 65" HDTV that Vizio hooked up in his place for free.

source: Twitter via Engadget

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