BlackBerry security debate continues in the UAE

BlackBerry security debate continues in the UAE
The United Arab Emirates are continuing their efforts to discontinue BlackBerry service in their territory. Their primary complaint is that BlackBerry data is saved on a third party server, to which the UAE government has no access. The UAE police chief, Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, said that "The United States is the primary beneficiary of having no controls over the BlackBerry, as it as an interest to spy on the UAE."

The data, to which the UAE has no access, is accessible to the US, British, and Israeli governments. This same issue was encountered with the government of India, which now has access to BlackBerry servers after a brief threat of a similar shutdown. The UAE will discontinue BlackBerry's data, email, and Messenger services as of October 11th until they are given full access to the encrypted information.

source: Yahoo!


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1. messiah

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RIM is unpenetrated by those in the middle east as it is so well encrypted..... For shame in a company securing encryption algorythms.... lol I myself am a android fan, but i will stand by the notion that RIM has made a product with security even APPLE would envy. APPLE leaks, but your RIM doesn't :P lol

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