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BlackBerry releases a new video showing off its Dynamics Launcher for the enterprise


We can't forget that BlackBerry is now basically a software company. Yesterday, we told you about the new Privacy Shade app that can be found for 'Berry handsets in the Google Play Store. It's a simple, but well thought out solution to a security problem. Now, the company has released a video showing off its renamed launcher for the enterprise, the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher. The latter solves some problems facing employees in the field. 

One solution for workers on the go is to use native apps. But as BlackBerry tells us, these are fraught with danger. There is a decided lack of security (on non BlackBerry handsets, hence the iPhone image) and with multiple choices, employees can't decide which app to use. And native apps are not built for business users. This leads to employees opening and closing apps, looking for the right one to handle their tasks. Is there any way to get around this insanity? Yes there is!

By using the BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher on their iOS or Android powered phone, mobile employees will be adding a secure mobile desktop that will contain secure BlackBerry apps and tools. It can even be the home for custom applications. The bottom line? Only business apps approved by an employee's firm will be found on the launcher. Each company will be able to set its own policy on using apps.

And the Quick Action feature has employees quickly opening the correct app in order to write an email, take a notes, add a contact or more. According to BlackBerry, the launcher provides seamless navigation and ends inefficient workflows. Developers can incorporate the launcher into their business apps.

If you run a company, BlackBerry is offering a free trial for corporations using iOS or Android as their mobile platform. Simply click on the sourcelink. And you can see the Dynamics Launcher in action by clicking on the video at the top of the story.

source: BlackBerry
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