BlackBerry not falling behind after all?

BlackBerry not falling behind after all?
While recent research has indicated that the Android OS is on its way to surpassing BlackBerry, a study from Statcounter seems to indicate otherwise.

The study measures the global Web presence of different operating systems based on their visits to a registry of over 3 million websites. According to the results, BlackBerry is growing on pace with Android, with their Web presence doubling over the last year.

These results are very different from comScore analysis which estimated that BlackBerry lost about 4.4% of their U.S. market share between April, 2009 and July, 2010. In the same period of time, comScore estimated that Android gained 41.7% above their previous market share.

How do we rectify this discrepancy? One possible explanation is that BlackBerry 6 allowed faster and greater browsing, but that would have only affected recent months, and only the BlackBerry Torch. Here are some more likely explanations: 1) While Android is taking from BlackBerry in the U.S., the two are growing more evenly abroad; and 2) The websites in the registry are such that the increased Android use over BlackBerry is somehow unreflected.

What do you think?

source: Pingdom via Electronista

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