BlackBerry Touch, a.k.a. Torch 9860, might have paid a visit to the FCC

BlackBerry Touch, a.k.a. Torch 9860, might have paid a visit to the FCC
What we have here, folks, is a BlackBerry smartphone that has just been spotted at the FCC. Which one of all the upcoming RIM handests it is, however, is a bit harder to tell with absolute certainty. Nevertheless, a clue within the filing leads us to believe that it is the upcoming BlackBerry Touch that we are dealing with here, also known as the Monza, Torch 9860, Storm 3, or whichever of its numerous speculated monickers you prefer.

As our loyal readers probably know, the BlackBerry Touch has showed up in a number of leaks including photos and videos of a working unit. It doesn't take a second look to see that the FCC-approved device, a rendered image of which has been included within the filing, looks pretty similar to the leaked BlackBerry Touch. Which carriers the smartphone is headed to, however, is not very clear at this time as the FCC has been testing the device for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compliance only leaving its supported carrier bands undisclosed. On the other hand, the smartphone from the filing has been mentioned with three different model names – RDH71CW, RDP71UW and RDQ71UW, which suggests that the device might end up on the shelves on three different carriers.

That is pretty much all we can tell from the filing, but it wouldn't be surprising if further details regarding the BlackBerry Touch surface on the web soon. Be sure that we will be keeping an eye on it and will let you know as soon as we find out something new.

source: FCC via Engadget

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