BlackBerry Storm 9530 firmware update is leaked

BlackBerry Storm 9530 firmware update is leaked with new cut and paste function
Last night, the long awaited new firmware update for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 became available online. This latest leaked OS build is and includes the newly updated version of the cut and paste function for the first touchscreen BlackBerry. As we previously reported, instead of using two fingers to highlight a block of text to be edited, the new version uses a gray rectangle to help you more easily highlight the specific text. Some users who downloaded the new OS are complaining that the dial pad will not come on the screen during a call, replaced instead by the QWERTY keyboard. Other findings are that the problem with the icons still exists with colors looking faded. The full QWERTY keyboard is still available in portrait mode, the green "GO" button still replaces the "Enter" key when using the browser, various applications seem a little quicker, and the accelerometer is a little less sensitive which improves upon the last upgrade which left the screen switching orientation too easily. The bottom line seems to be that this will not be the next official software fix from Verizon and RIM. And because this is not coming from the carrier, we give you the friendly reminder that it is risky to download leaked software. Bad things could happen to your device, things that we wouldn't wish on anyone. Having said that, if you did download it, feel free to report your findings on the new firmware for the Storm 9530. And for those who count this sort of thing, the last official OS for the Verizon version was

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source: CrackBerry

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