BlackBerry Redactor covers up sensitive information on screenshots before you share them

Have you ever had a screenshot that you wanted to share, but couldn't because of some personal or sensitive information on the image? One way around that is to simply highlight the sensitive information in Paint and swipe it off the screen, but that might not be possible with all screenshots. You could decide to redact the info by using the black virtual marker in Paint, but that often leads to sloppy black lines produced by someone who can't draw a straight line (like yours truly).

It appears that BlackBerry has a better mousetrap with its new BlackBerry Redactor, which is found inside the Privacy Shade app following an update. With the Redactor, you can "hide private or sensitive information from your screen before you share screenshots." According to BlackBerry, the Redactor uses horizontal swipes, rectangles, and circles to cover up sensitive information, and switching from the Privacy Shade to the Redactor is a breeze.

If you're not familiar with the Privacy Shade, it is an adjustable dark shade on a phone's screen that prevents nosy bystanders from reading the content on your handset. It does allow the user to see the part of the display where he/she is typing or reading. The app can be found in the Google Play Store, and even if you don't own a BlackBerry, you can use the Privacy Shade free for 30 days. After that month is up, you'll need to subscribe to BlackBerry Hub+ directly via the app or from BlackBerry Hub+ Services. Those owning a BlackBerry device get these features for free.

This is another example of how BlackBerry keeps working on improving the privacy capabilities of its version of Android while still offering it (albeit for a price) to the vast majority of Android users who do not own a BlackBerry handset.

To install the BlackBerry Privacy Shade and Redactor onto your Android handset, click on the sourcelink below.


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