BlackBerry Priv's rear camera to sport Sony's IMX230 21MP sensor?

BlackBerry Priv's rear camera to sport Sony's IMX230 21MP sensor?
While we have seen a number of leaked images allegedly showing off the BlackBerry Priv, and have passed along the rumored specs of the device, the truth is that there might be aspects of the Android slider that we don't know much about at all. We have seen at least two different pre-production models, each sporting a different rear camera ring. The latest image shows the Schneider-Kreuznach brand on the camera ring, with "18 Megapixel" written on the bottom.

Again, these are all pre-production units. And while we don't want to repeat it, we do so for a reason. According to a tweet sent out by tipster/journalist @Ricciolo1, the rear camera on the Priv will employ a Sony IMX230 sensor. This is the same sensor used by the Motorola Moto X Style for the 21MP camera on its back. If this rumor turns out to be legit, it would mean that we should expect the Priv to carry a 21MP rear camera, up from the 18MP that seemed a sure bet as recently as yesterday.

This actually could have wide spread implications if true. It would mean that all of the rumored specs that have been disseminated to this point could be dated. Our best bet is to wait for BlackBerry to unveil the phone, which hopefully will happen soon.

With the phone unannounced, we recommend taking this story with the proverbial grain of salt.

Thanks for the tip!

source: @Ricciolo1
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