BlackBerry CEO John Chen finally gets a Twitter account

BlackBerry CEO John Chen finally gets a Twitter account
You might recall that during their CEO vs. CEO battle, T-Mobile's John Legere (a man who knows his way around a social media site) said that he could not find his BlackBerry counterpart's Twitter account. The reason was simple enough, Chen did not have one. That led Legere to tweet that he would have to look for the executive on MySpace. Snap! What could be more embarrassing for the top executive of a major smartphone manufacturing company than to be called a MySpace user in public.

Last week, we told you that the feud between T-Mobile and BlackBerry had ended. On Wednesday, the old-school BlackBerry Classicwill be available from T-Mobile. In the course of burying the hatchet, John Chen said that he would wear one of those magenta T-Mobile shirts that John Legere has made famous, if Legere would send one to him. A tweet from the T-Mobile CEO shows that such a shirt earmarked for Chen is on the way.

At the same time, Chen put out a tweet explaining that John Legere finally got him to open a Twitter account. Sounds like the two executives actually enjoy working with each other. If the Odd Couple gets a Broadway revival, seems like we have our next Oscar and Felix right here.

source: @JohnChen,@JohnLegere via Crackberry
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