BlackBerry 9800 seen on - possibly the Slider?

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BlackBerry 9800 seen on - possibly the Slider?
Most recently we saw the BlackBerry 9300 being mentioned in a UAProf document on the server, but now we are seeing yet another device that surely will have a lot of interest from people. The BlackBerry 9800 is the latest device to be mentioned in a UAProf document and could possibly be the speculated BlackBerry Slider that's been the most interesting device out of RIM's camp of late. Based on the leaked document, it states that it'll have 3G, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and a 360 x 480 pixels display. Interestingly enough, it even goes on to further display that it'll be running OS 6.0, but there is no mention as to which browser version it'll be rocking – so it's unclear if the upcoming WebKit based browser will be there. It's also rumored to be an updated version of the 9700a or more commonly known to be the Slider – it even goes far to say it'll become the Storm 3 as well. Nonetheless, this OS 6.0 running device will surely be enough to make it even more desirable.

RIM BlackBerry Slider Preliminary Specifications

source: via CrackBerry


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