BlackBerry 10 rejected by UK government - not secure enough

BlackBerry 10 rejected by UK government - not secure enough
It turns out that Thorsten and company have overlooked a thing or two while designing the new BlackBerry 10 platform, which is currently available on the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 smartphones. After a strict security check by the UK's Communications Electronics Security Group, it has been concluded that the new OS is not safe enough for use by UK government workers. This comes as a small surprise, since BlackBerry 7 OS is among the few platforms which have managed to pass the tests.

Apparently, the cause for all this is the new BlackBerry Balance software feature, which aims to create two separate experiences on a single BlackBerry 10 handset - one for business and one for personal matters. It's not yet clear exactly why this feature is causing problems.

The security levels which these devices are trying to reach aren't the highest possible. BlackBerry 7 and iOS, for example, have managed to obtain clearance for use in the "restricted" security level, and that is said to be two levels below the top "secret" security level. Unfortunately for BlackBerry, BB 10 will not be allowed even in the "restricted" level for the time being, which is really bad news for the company, as the government sector is one of the markets where it's been traditionally strong, and it's not like it could afford to lose any customers right now, especially when it comes to those beefy government orders.

via: ZDNet
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