Black Friday 2016 Apple iPad Pro, Air and mini deals comparison

Black Friday 2016 brings some of the best deals on the Apple iPad series: prices are cut on the iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini models, but where can you find the best deals?

We looked high and low for the best Black Friday iPad deals, and we found some great ones that are worth checking out.

We have focused on retailers offers right below, but you can also get some savings on an iPad if you buy a phone via a carrier. For example, Verizon is offering $250 savings on iPad purchases if you get an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus via the carrier. 

Apple iPad Pro (9.7")

Save up to $270 on 9.7" iPad Pro (Rose Gold model gets biggest discounts)
Details: B&H brings huge deals on the highest specced 9.7" iPad Pros: the 256GB cellular-enabled Rose Gold model is on sale for just $750, $270 off the original price. Other colors of the same model are discounted by $130 and $150. Then, the 256GB Wi-Fi model has price cuts of $100 to $130, bringing the price down to as low as $780. The sweetest deals for most people, however, might be the 32GB cellular-enabled model with a $200 price cut, coming down in price to $530. Check out all the deals at B&H's website.

Sam's Club
Save $175
Details: Get iPad Pro at $175 less original price, regardless of storage or connectivity option. Online only.

Save $150 on base 9.7" iPad Pro
Details: Target has cut the price of various models of the 9.7" iPad Pro by $150, bringing the price of the base, 32GB Wi-Fi-only model to $450, down from the original $600. In-store only.

Best Buy
Save $125
Details: You can get the Pro-grade 9.7-inch iPad with a $125 discount for all models at Best Buy. This brings the base 32GB, Wi-Fi-only model price down to the very affordable $475.

Save $112 on 128GB 9.7" iPad Pro
Details: Wal-Mart is offering rather modest deals on Apple tablets when compared to other retailers. Only one 9.7" iPad Pro model is on sale: the 128GB Wi-Fi only version has its price slashed from $750 to $638.

Apple iPad Air 2

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Best Buy
Save $125
Details: Best Buy is slashing the price on all iPad Air 2 models by $125. This brings the price of the base, 32GB storage version down to $275 from $400.

Save: $125
Details: Target is also cutting prices on various iPad Air 2 models. The base 32GB Wi-Fi-only model price goes down to $275, but you can also buy the 128 gig model for $375.

Save: $115 on 128GB iPad Air 2
Details: Wal-Mart is offering rather modest deals on Apple tablets when compared to other retailers. Only one iPad Air 2 model is on sale: the 128GB Wi-Fi only version has its price slashed from $600 down to $485.

Save: $30 to $50
Details: The sale only applies to Wi-Fi-only models: 128 gig version is down $50, 32GB version has a $30 price cut.

Apple iPad mini

*The iPad minis are now nearly three years old and despite their affordable price, we recommend considering a newer Apple tablet.

Best Buy
Details: Best Buy brings significant price cuts to iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 4 models with cellular connectivity. The 16GB version is sold for $250 and the 32GB version is $300, while the 32GB and 128GB iPad mini 4 versions are sold for $430 and $530 respectively.

Save $100 to $140 on 128GB iPad mini 4
Details: The 128GB Wi-Fi model is sold at a discount of $120 or $130 (depending on color), bringing its price down to $470 or $480.

Save $70 on iPad mini 2
Details: Get iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi-only version from $200. Prices for other models including ones with cellular connectivity will also be reduced.

Save $70 on iPad mini 2
Details: Wal-Mart runs the same deal as Target, cutting the exactly same sum off the full retail price of the iPad mini 2, bringing its price down to $200.

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