Bing looks to boost local results with Yelp partnership

Bing looks to boost local results with Yelp partnership
Bing has been working hard to compete with Google, especially in local results, because local is one of the most important features for mobile users, and we all know that Microsoft wants Windows Phone to keep pushing into the market. Today, local results in Bing are looking to get a big boost through a new partnership with Yelp. This is pretty interesting news, especially given that Yelp was so forceful about being taken out of Google search results, which then led to Google acquiring Zagat

As of right now, the results are going to be found in the center column of the desktop search page for Bing, but it seems pretty likely that it will find its way onto mobile sooner rather than later. So, when you search for a place on Bing, the relevant Yelp review snippets and info will be right there for easy access. 

The feature is launching today in the US, and will roll out nation wide in the next few weeks. 

source: Bing & Yelp via The Verge



2. homeedition88

Posts: 10; Member since: Jun 16, 2012

Windows phone 7 will never be successful in europe if they will insist this altitude. They are just focus on UK and North America. Nokia was well in e.u but now they loose their popularity really fast because of their love for windows phone. At the end bing doesn't have any meaning for e.u and as well as middle east...

1. snowgator

Posts: 3630; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

This may fall into the "best of what's left" department. I have Yelp on my phone, and haven't used it much. Maybe they compliment each other and Yelp UPS their game, but overall this doesn't scream "big move". Although I have no idea if Zagat is any good either....

3. orangejuice

Posts: 11; Member since: Nov 04, 2011

Not really "best of whats left" at all. Yelp has 83,000,000 monthly unique visiters and is the most popular website for user reviews of businesses on the internet by far. Google wanted to buy it for 500 million a few years ago, before they bought Zagat (per wikipedia). Zagat has been for a while and before the internet it was really one of the only ways to get a bunch of restaurant reviews in one place. I mean it's not a "huge" move, but it is a good partnership for the end user.

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