Best iPhone 5c covers and cases

Best iPhone 5c covers and cases
Oh, boy! Time is ticking away, and it won't be long now until the first batch of Apple's "budget" iPhone 5c will start reaching the doorsteps of impatient customers, among which you, and we can only assume that you'll be looking to protect your new device. Luckily for you, the success of the iPhone brand has ensured that you can figuratively drown in a sea of accessories, with choices ranging from dirt-cheap, everyday stuff, down to some seriously premium, designer options that sometimes have a price tag equal to a third of your phone's cost.

But, as ubiquitous as the smartphone market is, and therefore – the accessories for it, as we mentioned – so are people's tastes and needs, and the pick you're about to sink your teeth into will hopefully cater to a wide range of those. 

There are those of you who will be out in the market for a simple solution to a common problem – inevitable drops, scratches, and sometimes even worse. Others may be looking for something more custom (and usually more expensive) in order to set their device apart. There are even those that want their device to look as the manufacturer intended it to, and will be looking for the most unobtrusive, invisible and unpretentious cases out there.

If you fall into either of the above categories, the choices in front of you are truly underwhelming, but rest assured that we've weathered through and have compiled for you some of the better options out there, whilst ensuring there's something for everybody. Note that due to the commercial unavailability of the iPhone 5c just yet, many of those are using the iPhone 5 in their product photos. Rest assured that Apple has already released its very extensive guide for third-party accessory manufacturers, so these are all applicable.

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iPhone 5c
  • Display 4.0" 640 x 1136 pixels
  • Camera 8 MP / 1.2 MP front
  • Processor Apple A6, Dual-core, 1300 MHz
  • Storage 32 GB
  • Battery 1507 mAh(10h 3G talk time)



1. SuperAndroidEvo

Posts: 4888; Member since: Apr 15, 2011

Draco 5... I don't like the iPhone but these are indeed some SICK bumper/cases for the iPhone 5/5S, NOT the 5C. lol Why anyone would get an iPhone 5C is beyond me.

2. MobileCaseReview

Posts: 242; Member since: Feb 10, 2012

Girls who like pretty colors who don't know the difference. lol

4. RoyalPayne

Posts: 458; Member since: Aug 07, 2013

And men who know the difference will buy 5s. While other companies will be busy trying to be funny with ads and tweets. Apple wins on all corners!

3. uchihakurtz

Posts: 428; Member since: Nov 12, 2012

All of them looks way better than Apple's Croc case for the 5C, LOL.

5. good2great

Posts: 1042; Member since: Feb 22, 2012

these should be cases for the 5s... anything blocking the ability to show the color of your 5c isn't a good choice.

6. A_Steal

Posts: 16; Member since: Feb 14, 2013

I love my Spigen case. Looks so nice.

7. neron5

Posts: 30; Member since: Jun 05, 2012

What about Piel Frama cases or Vaja cases ?? You show Renault, Chevrolet, Ford, Opel, where are Rolls Royce, Bently, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW........ if you are speaking about best cases, you can´t forget Piel Frama and Vaja, they have to be present !!!!!!

8. johnqfoley

Posts: 2; Member since: May 26, 2014

I never understood the fascination with bulky plastic cases. I prefer a nice leather case. I can at least use a leather case as a wallet so I don't have to carry an extra pocket item when i go out at night. I found an affordable leather case for my iPhone 5C at leatherphone. com

9. abiteths

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 30, 2014

I know the difference I just prefer the 5c over the others and I know for a fact there are a lot of girls who prefer the 5s so don't go blame stuff on us thanks

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