Best iPhone 11 Pro Max thin cases

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Best iPhone 11 Pro Max thin cases
If you own an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, it's reasonable to look into protecting your expensive, high-end phone from scratches and cracks. Along with getting a good screen protector for your phone, the best course of action is finding a case that best suits your preferences.

A good case ensures that your iPhone's sides and back won't get visually damaged by the everyday items and surfaces it comes in contact with. Objects such as keys, coins and the likes can end up ruining the appeal of the iPhone 11 Pro Max by causing nasty scratches, after all.

In this article we'll take a look at several high quality cases you can get for your iPhone 11 Pro Max, that won't compromise its feel in the hand by adding too much thickness.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max thin cases, a summarized list:

iPhone 11 Pro Max Clear Case

Apple's own Clear Case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max ensures that the phone is promptly protected from bumps and scratches while keeping it's premium design and back color visible.

It's a thin and light transparent case, made from a blend of optically clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials, and sporting a scratch-resistant coating. Unlike generic clear cases, Apple's option has also been optimized to prevent yellowing over time.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Case

Apple's leather case fits snuggly over your iPhone without adding bulk, but giving it a fresh new premium look.

In addition to its European leather design, it features machined aluminum buttons and, of course, offers protection against bumps and scratches for your phone. It's also thin enough so as to not obstruct wireless charging.

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Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen's clear and lightweight case provides an affordable alternative to Apple's Clear Case. It sports a durable, anti-slip design and does not add any noticeable bulk to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

As with other such cases, it does not obstruct wireless charging, nor does it hide your iPhone's design and color.

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Mujjo Full Leather Case

Mujjo's leather case aims to remain as slim as possible while providing competent protection for your iPhone 11 Pro Max and a grippier, warmer feel in the hand.

It's made out of natural full-grain leather and features a satin-like interior lined with Japanese microfiber.

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Pitaka Magnetic Phone Case

This minimalist case featuring a timeless carbon fiber look is a mere 0.03 inches thick, and wraps around the iPhone 11 Pro Max snuggly without adding any bulk.

In addition to its basic scratch protection, it supports magnetic wireless charging with compatible in-car wireless charging stations from Pitaka. On the downside, it doesn't feature apt protection for the iPhone's screen due to it's lack of raised bezels, and it's pricey.

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Spigen Thin Fit

This beautiful and minimalist, well-priced iPhone 11 Pro Max case from Spigen has a lightweight and scratch-resistant build. It also features easy and direct access to the phone's buttons due to its thinness.

Despite its slim overall design, the case does provide raised bezels surrounding the iPhone's camera module and display. This ensures protection for both, keeping them from direct contact with surfaces, in addition to the added protection for the phone's back and sides.

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