Best OnePlus 6T cases

Best OnePlus 6T cases
Your newly-minted darling, the OnePlus 6T, may be one of the first ever phone housed in Gorilla Glass 6 protection but have no doubts about its fate when it hits the pavement sans wrapping.

OnePlus offers a plethora of official cases for the handset, and there are a few select choices from third-party makers that we've handpicked as suitable for the best phone money can buy in the US at the moment.

And no, your OnePlus 6 case won't fit the 6T, they are completely different devices design- and dimension-wise.

Best OnePlus 6T clear, leather and rugged cases

Olixar FlexiShield OnePlus 6T Gel Case - Purple ($9.99)

This wrapper from Olixar's FlexiShield series is perhaps the best value for money case you can get for the OnePus 6T right now before the phone has hit your front porch.

We won't be extolling the virtues of a simple silicone case, but will just say that it comes in the trendy new purple color of the 6T's Gorilla Glass 6 housing.

This way, you can have that exact same hue for your case, too, instead of obviously see-through wrappers that still alter the original hue. The FlexiShield series offers non-slip finish for extra traction in the hand and a slim design that eschews bulk. The case lip is raised a bit to keep the OnePlus 6T'display away from rough surfaces if you place it face down.

Signature sandstone:  the OnePlus 6T Double Defence Bundle ($43.60)

OnePlus calls this set the "Double Defence" for a reason. It consists of a trio of bumper cases that offer protection from all sides to pick from, as well as your choice of a lighter wrapper that includes the signature sandstone series. OnePlus says that after five generations of sandstone cases it has refined the formula, but we'd have to feel this new one believe it won't feel scratchy in your palm still.

The nylon one was introduced together with the OnePlus 6, and we are glad to see this tradition being carried over for the 6T. It has a rubbery finish on the sides and the knitted nylon on the back it a unique, fabric-like feel to the touch. The carbon and ebony wood finishes also have a soft, rubber sides that help absorb shock, but of course, the main material on the back of the phone is what gives these cases their character.

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Karbon is tough and high-tech, while ebony is made out of real wood and brings a more human feel to the back side. Getting two official cases for a tad over forty bucks is a pretty good deal if you are the type that gets tired of their cases fairly quickly.

Red or dead with 'medical grade' silicone ($20.95)

This case is very indicative of the OnePlus company philosophy. That's the only simple silicone case they sell, and it is clad in a bright red gown. The wrapper screams for attention as much as the company did in its early days of viral word-of-mouth marketing, at the times when there was an invitation system to get your grubby mitts on the exotic Chinese handset.

Oh, the prices then were sub-$300, too, but that was obviously a plot to get the proverbial foot in the door, as the latest 6T starts off at $549. The red silicone case for the OnePlus 6T is lined with microfiber inside to prevent abrasions on the fragile glass body and covers the buttons on the sides, but not the phone's top and bottom. It is also your cheapest protection option straight from OnePlus, but, sorry, you can have any color as long as it is red.

Krusell Sunne OnePlus 6T Leather Case - Vintage Nude ($38.49)

If you thought that there are no high-end elegant options for your "affordable flagship," you would be skimping on the Krusell's Sunne series leather case designed specifically for the new OnePlus 6T.

Granted, it is more expensive than the other options here, but that is the nature of the leather beast, or, in the case of Krusell's model - the "Vintage Nude" one. Coupling the typical Scandinavian urge towards sustainability and minimalism, it still provides a genuine leather wrapper with soft protective lining on the inside to keep your 6T warm.

As most things sustainable and Nordic, "the leather used to craft this case has been sourced and treated adhering to the highest social and environmental certification." There you have it.

VRS Design Crystal Chrome ($11.99)

As the Crystal Chrome moniker should attest, this VRS series is a see-through clear one with a transparent look that will still show the design and styling of the phone underneath.

The TPU material is impact-absorbing to cushion regular drops, and VRS swears its coating will resist the typical yellowing of such clear silicone cases that happens with time, but only time will tell how it will hold on in holiday climates.

The downside of that all-around shock protection is that the VRS Design Crystal Chrome case adds a bit more bulk to the OnePlus 6T that we are used to associating with these clear cases, but that's the price to pay for added protection, and the price itself is worth it.

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