Best Buy has Samsung Galaxy S III for Virgin Mobile available for pre-order, $399


The Galaxy S III may be a year old, but it can still hold its own amongst the players in the field. Aside from the CPU and a quarter-inch in screen size, the major differentiators between the Galaxy S4 and SGSIII are mostly related to the S-Apps.

The good news is that many of those enhancements will be finding their way to the S4’s predecessor. Used Galaxy S IIIs for the major carriers are still fetching more than $300 on sites like eBay.

Virgin Mobile’s sister in the pre-paid realm, Boost Mobile (both owned by Sprint), announced that the Galaxy S III will be available beginning June 12th for $399. No official word has come from Virgin Mobile.  However, now that Best Buy is offering up the SGSIII for pre-order for the same $399, we are thinking that Virgin will have the device available around the same time.

$399 for a device like this (new in the box), on a major carrier network is a good deal, considering they still retail for far more under other circumstances ($550 and up). Virgin’s pre-paid plans are reasonable as well. If you have been thinking of making the move to pre-paid to save a few bucks but were pensive about hardware selection, this may be what you were looking for.

Thanks Morris for the heads-up!

source: Best Buy

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