Best Buy files a lawsuit to get "Jane and John Doe", or whoever leaked that Samsung Galaxy S III info

Best Buy files a lawsuit to get whoever leaked the Samsung Galaxy S III info
That leak that came from Best Buy Canada about the upcoming top-secret Samsung flagship - the Galaxy S III? Well, it must have irked the management to no end, as the electronics retailer is taking drastic measures to curtail the incident and make sure it doesn't happen again.

First, however, it has to find the culprit, which so far it has been unable to do on its own, that's why it filed a lawsuit with the authorities, hoping that the external investigation will help reveal the leaker's identity.

It all began with the top Canadian mobile blog publishing a snapshot where the release dates for the Galaxy S III were revealed, and that information becoming viral in consequence. Now Best Buy has filed a suit against "Jane and John Doe", which aims to find who sent the snapshot there:

This is certainly an interesting development, as so far it has usually been manufacturers and suppliers that have been going after tipsters and their leaks, which often reveal details about an upcoming product months before its launch, and fuel sometimes unhealthy speculation about its specs and design.

source: MobileSyrup via CBC

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