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BOLT browser gets upgrade to Beta 3

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BOLT browser gets upgrade to Beta 3
The BOLT browser has been upgraded to Beta 3, adding some new features to the third party software. The upgrade improves the rendering of fonts, a problem that had stuck out like a sore thumb on some web sites. With servers now upgraded to WebKit4, page rendering will be faster and complex sites will look as they do on your desktop browser. Other new features include the ability to input URL's into a box on a web page, cut and paste functions, upload videos to YouTube and pictures to Photobucket, and switch between images or no images while viewing a page.

Over 1 million downloads of the browser have been completed. A version for cellphones that cannot support the full version of the software, BOLT Lite, is now available and offers many of the same functions as the full featured browser. Also, a new forum has been created for those who want to communicate with other users, post questions or offer tips. You can get more information and download the upgraded beta 3 version, or the BOLT lite browser, at boltbrowser.com.

source: BOLT via Crackberry.com
BOLT browser gets upgrade to Beta 3

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