Asus explains what it took to make the Nexus 7 in just four months

Asus explains what it took to make the Nexus 7 in just four months
If you asked us a year ago what company would make the next Google Nexus device, we might have bet on Samsung, HTC or Motorola. We wouldn’t have thought about Asus, yet here they are making the Google Nexus 7, the first tablet wearing the Nexus branding and an extremely affordable price of $199 for the basic 8GB version. We’d also say deservedly so as the Asus Transformer series have proven to be one of the most successful Android tablets.

But how did Asus manage to meet all of Google’s requirements? Moreover, how did it do everything in just the four months it had since Google contacted it? Now, we’re learning more details about the making of the Nexus 7 straight from Asus executives.

Benjamin Yeh, the head of Asus UK, spoke with Forbes about the Nexus 7, sharing details about the enthusiasm at Asus and how the company teamed up with Google and sent its engineers to California to speed up the process.

Most interestingly, Yeh explains that Asus wanted to meet three criteria set by Google - the device had to be fast, cheap and good. That sounds impossible unless you’re doing charity, so Asus had to resort to some innovative creative thinking. Here’s what it did:

Now, finally, the product is out there for everyone to buy and we love it - it’s really one of the best products for such a low price. Check out the full story of Asus making the Nexus 7 below.

source: Forbes

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