Asus accidentally leaked four upcoming ZenFone 4 models, complete with renders, specs, and prices


Asus is a master of confusion when it comes to its smartphones' names — even if we disregard that it's the only manufacturer out there using numbers to denominate generations instead of models (so ZenFone 3 is the name of a whole bunch of devices, instead of just one), the company also has a fondness for releasing multiple device models under the same name in different regions. This is how we get one ZenFone 3 Deluxe that is considerably better than another ZenFone 3 Deluxe.

However, Asus is definitely not a master when it comes to not prematurely publishing info on its own yet unannounced handsets, as proven by scoop master Roland Quandt's discovery of four separate ZenFone 4 models' product pages on the company's website. The list includes two devices we've heard about and two we haven't: there's the titular ZenFone 4, the selfie-centric ZenFone 4 selfie, as well as a previously unknown variant of the latter called ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro, and a new ZenFone 4 Max that's different from the one already released in Russia.

Or in other words, the company is, to the displeasure of many, once again pulling its old tricks with its upcoming ZenFone 4 series, which we're expecting to make its debut on August 17. But enough with the pleasantries, let's jump right into it, shall we?

ZenFone 4

While this is the device bearing the name ZenFone 4, it's arguably not the flagship model of this year's Asus-made smartphones (that would be the ZenFone 4 Pro). And to make things even more fun, it'll actually have two different variants of its own: one will be powered by the brand-new Snapdragon 630, while the other will include it more powerful brother, the Snapdragon 660 instead. Coupled with those will be 4 gigs of RAM, 64 GB of internal memory, and a 3,300 mAh battery.

And just like the entirety of the ZenFone 4 lineup, the device will come with a dual camera system, located on its back. It will consist of two sensors, one 8 MP and another with 12 MP, which will offer a 120-degree field of view (presumably similar to the one found in the LG G6). The ZenFone 4 has a 5.5-inch Full HD AMOLED display, and will come in either black or white. The official listing for France puts it at €499 (about $580), though it isn't entirely clear which version of the device this price applies to.

ZenFone 4 Selfie and Selfie Pro

While we've previously heard of the ZenFone 4 Selfie, the Selfie Pro is a genuine surprise — especially considering the two devices look identical on the outside (save for the colors; the red and the gold devices in the pictures are both the Selfie Pro, while the black is the Selfie).

Inside you'll find either a Snapdragon 625 or Snapdragon 430 SoC (for the Selfie Pro and Selfie, respectively), coupled with 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and a 3,000 battery. Also, both devices will use a  5.5-inch AMOLED display, with the Selfie Pro's being a Full HD one, and the Selfie going for a 720p one instead.

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But while all other ZenFone 4 devices are busy having a dual camera on the back, the two Selfie models go against by having it on the front instead. The Selfie Pro has a weird combo of a 24 MP and a 5 MP sensor, while the Selfie opts for a 20 MP/8 MP combo instead. The Selfie Pro is listed with a price of €399 (~$470), while the Selfie is considerably cheaper at €299 (~$350).

ZenFone 4 Max

If the above name sounds familiar, it's because we've already seen a ZenFone 4 Max debut — but what we're looking at here is a different device. This ZenFone 4 Max offers considerably lower specs than its Russian counterpart including with a smaller, 5.2-inch 720p IPS panel. It also settles on the Snapdragon 425, while the other Max offers an additional, SD430 variant.

But the biggest blow in terms of specs here is definitely the battery: where the Russia-bound Max offered a staggering 5,000 mAh battery, this variant's will be a considerably smaller at 4,100 mAh instead. Inside the device you'll also find 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB storage, and an obligatory dual camera, this time with a 13 MP/5 MP sensor combo. The phone will be sold for €229, which translates to about $270.

source: WinFuture (1, 2, 3)

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