Reminder: Apple's $29 battery replacement deal ends at the end of December

Reminder: Apple's $29 battery replacement deal ends at the end of December
Last December, Apple admitted that it throttled iPhone models with older batteries. Without slowing down the CPU on these units, certain tasks requiring battery strength that these handsets just didn't have, would result in these phones shutting down and rebooting. To combat this, the company had slipped software into the iOS 10.2.1 update that "dynamically manages the maximum performance of some system components when needed to prevent a shutdown." In other words, the update allowed Apple to throttle these older iPhones with weak batteries, and the company didn't say a word.

Apple apologized and tried to right the wrong by offering a special deal on a battery replacement for Apple iPhone 6 and later models that have a battery needing to be replaced. The unit also has to be out of warranty. Those iPhones that qualify are eligible for a $29 battery replacement, a $50 or 63% discount off the usual price. Right after the $29 battery replacement was announced, the Apple Store was so besieged by iPhone owners wanting to take advantage of the deal, that appointments for the Genius Bar were hard to get.

The $29 price for a battery replacement was only to last a year. The last day that you can get a replacement battery at that price will be December 31st, 2018. Starting the next day, January 1st, pricing for an iPhone battery replacement for an out-of-warranty model will be as follows:

There is still a month left to take advantage of the $29 price for a battery replacement. If you want to replace the battery on your older, out of warranty iPhone, you should call your nearby Apple Store to make an appointment as soon as possible. After all, we expect that openings are going to be hard to come by as we get closer to the expiration of the $29 pricing on December 31st.

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