Argent crypto wallet arrives on your phone

Argent crypto wallet arrives on your phone
Cryptocurrency has been one of the hot topics in the world for the past few years and has been polarizing people and governments ever since its inception. Even if you don't trade with crypto, you've definitely heard about it. And while the whole blockchain technology is quite complicated and a bit shady, it seems that cryptocurrency is here to stay.

People who want to dive into the deep and unknown crypto ocean will find things got a tiny bit easier. Argent, an international company based in London, has launched the first public version of its Ethereum wallet for iOS and Android devices, TechCrunch reports. Crypto wallets store your virtual assets and they usually require complicated backup practices like writing down a sequence of words or buying physical equipment.

The Argent crypto wallet simplifies the process without sacrificing security. It's a type of wallet that lets you hold your crypto keys (needed to initiate transactions) while keeping things simple. The Argent wallet is secured by something called 'guardians'. Essentially, a guardian can be someone you trust - a friend or a family member.

If you lose your phone (and your Argent wallet), you just call your guardians to confirm your identity. Then you can restore all your funds on another device. It's a simple and intuitive method that can make dealing with cryptocurrency easier for the inexperienced.

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