Are you missing the mechanical home button on the Samsung Galaxy S8?


The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are fresh new beasts, with lo-o-ong displays and super slim bezels. The design might be breathtaking, but it has its limitations. Among them, we have the lack of room for a physical home button, which has — for ages — been located on every Samsung phone's chin, neighbored by capacitive “Recents” and “Back” buttons.

The new Sammy flagships have virtual navigation keys, like Google's Pixels and LG's phones. With that, we at least get the advantage of being able to (finally) arrange the “Back” and “Recent” placements to how we prefer them, which instantly puts an end to the gripes many have with Samsung's “reverse placement” of those buttons. But we've lost that signature, clicky home button and the backlit capacitive keys, which will certainly be missed by many.

Fingerprint scanner position aside, let's talk about the physical vs virtual nav buttons. Which side of the fence are you on?

Do you miss the mechanical home and capacitive buttons on the Galaxy S8 / S8+?

Absolutely. Mechanical click and backlit buttons are where it's at!
I'm fine either way
I much prefer the new, virtual style

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