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Are you getting the Nokia Lumia 1020?

Are you getting the Nokia Lumia 1020?
Given that Nokia managed to combine in the Lumia 1020 both technologies it has developed for years to rethink mobile photography from the ground-up - the 41MP PureView sensor and the OIS tech that helps it produce blur- and shake-free visuals, we can easily call it the best cameraphone ever created, or simply the best camera on a phone.

So far, before the limited launch of Lumia 925, the choice was between the Nokia 808 PureView, which makes great photos and records awesome stereo sound, but is running the aged Symbian OS, or the generally available chunky Lumia 920 with OIS tech. 

Now that we have those goods combined in the Lumia 1020, and sprinkled with a second generation image stabilization suspension for the huge sensor, as well as pixel oversampling during video recording, not to mention all the manual controls in the Pro Camera app, we wanted to ask you whether you'd be considering the 1020 for your smartphone collection if that's the Nokia you've been waiting for.

Are you getting the Nokia Lumia 1020?

Yes, it's the best Nokia so far and the one I've been waiting for since Nokia went the Windows Phone way
I'd have gotten it in a heartbeat if it ran Android, now I'd have to think about switching
I'll wait for the Sony i1 Honami before I make a decision on a cameraphone
No, I'm getting something else/sticking with what I have

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