Are Android apps going to BlackBerry App World without developer's permission?

Are Android apps going to BlackBerry App World without developer's permission?
It's great for BlackBerry users, RIM, and most Android developers that Android apps can be used on BlackBerry PlayBook. Unfortunately, there seems to be something happening that is unfair to the original developer of an Android app. Take for example the Dolphin Browser HD. One of the best third party browsers for the Android platform, the Dolphin Browser HD has been made available for those using BlackBerry PlayBook with the updated OS 2.0. The problem is that the developer of the browser, MoboTap, was not the one that submitted the app to App World. Ironically, the company behind the submission, Handster, is owned by Opera.

Perhaps MoboTap shouldn't have been so surprised. Even before the recent launch of Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.0, Handster said that they would be repacking and submitting apps to BlackBerry App World as a third party on behalf of developers. RIM also came out and encouraged those with third party application stores, like Handster, to submit their catalog to RIM, which is what happened here. But by doing so, Handster gains some control over pricing and other aspects of the app. When Engadget spoke with MoboTap, ther latter confirmed that it had not approved what Handster had done. "We do not condone Handster submitting our Dolphin Browser app to BlackBerry's App World for us and are currently working to take it down and assure Handster will not submit our app for us again. We will assess developing for BlackBerry when the time is right," said the developer of the Dolphin Browser HD.

A quick perusal of BlackBerry App World shows a number of apps submitted by Handster, many free like the Dolphin Browser HD, while many are paid apps. Now that MoboTap has discovered this, we wonder how many other Android developers are having their hard work and sweat equity misappropriated by a third party and placed on Blackberry App World. And even though MoboTap is trying to remove the Dolphin Browser HD from App World, as of Saturday morning the app is still available on the online app store.

source: Engadget


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