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As usual, Apple's holiday ad will have you reaching for a tissue


Every year around this time, Apple releases a holiday video that really isn't made to promote its products. Instead, the annual clip usually has a message deeper than "buy an iPhone." Now that doesn't mean that Apple's products don't appear on these videos, it just means that the video tells a story that isn't about these devices. Last year's ad, entitled "Sway," included the iPhone X and the Apple AirPods, and featured a couple running into each other, dancing throughout the town. The tag line? "Move Someone This Holiday."

This year's ad shows a young woman who obviously loves to be creative. But she has such low confidence in herself that she doesn't even let her dog see her work. She keeps all of her drawings locked away in a box. Even at her job in a bakery, or on the bus, she is afraid to show her creativity. But her dog has had enough. One particularly windy day, the canine opens the bedroom window allowing all of the woman's work to be blown out of the box where they were being kept from others' eyes.

Of course, our heroine's work is suddenly blown into the hands of the townsfolk and they love it. Apple, which loves to use the tag line to pull on your heartstrings, does it again as the words "Share Your Gifts" are written on the screen.

While the actual spot is found at the top of this article, a video showing how Apple made the video can be viewed below.

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