Apple's protruding camera is the butt of Xiaomi's joke

Apple's protruding camera is the butt of Xiaomi's joke
Even well before the Apple iPhone 6 had been introduced last September, we had seen a leaked picture of the device supposedly snapped by a Foxconn employee. The thing that stood out the most on a CAD image of the model, was the protruding camera on the back of the handset. The photos leaked by that employee proved to be the real thing. In other words, we got to show you what the iPhone 6 would look like a good 6 months before the phone was unveiled.

The protruding 8MP snapper is the subject of a new video joke produced by Xiaomi. The latter's recently announced Xiaomi Mi Note features a 13MP camera with OIS that is flush with the surface of the phone.

The video, starring Xiaomi president and co-founder Bin Lin, shows the protruding iPhone 6 camera getting hit with a frying pan until it turns into the flush rear camera on the Xiaomi Mi Note. You might not be rolling over with laughter, but the video got a great response when it debuted at Xiaomi's new product introduction last week. At that event, the Mi Note phablet was unveiled revealing its 5.7-inch 1080 x 1920 resolution glass, Snapdragon 801 CPU and 3GB of RAM. Also introduced was the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro with a 5.7-inch 1440 x 2560 resolution screen, 64-bit Snapdragon 810 CPU and 4GB of RAM.

Thanks for the tip!

source: Xiaomi via HardwareZone, Soyacincau

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iPhone 6
  • Display 4.7" 750 x 1334 pixels
  • Camera 8 MP / 1.2 MP front
  • Processor Apple A8, Dual-core, 1400 MHz
  • Storage 128 GB
  • Battery 1810 mAh(14h 3G talk time)
Mi Note
  • Display 5.7" 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • Camera 13 MP / 4 MP front
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, Quad-core, 2500 MHz
  • Storage 64 GB
  • Battery 3000 mAh(34h 3G talk time)



1. omar300

Posts: 210; Member since: Jun 24, 2012

LOL nice way to bank on Apple's mistake.

2. vishalvenky

Posts: 79; Member since: Feb 12, 2012

so he means to say that their phone is the same as apple without a protruding camera.? seriously i couldn't find the difference when he lifted Xiaomi.. PS:not an isheep.

11. Kruze

Posts: 1285; Member since: Dec 30, 2014

You'll have to hold it, see it and feel it. It's definitely not an iPhone clone. Just like the Mi 4, many people called it an "iPhone clone", but when you try it in real life, you'll realize that it looks nothing like an iPhone. And their Mi Note Pro is no exception, because even if you didn't try it in real life, you'll see that it looks nothing like an iPhone. You can clearly see the differences between the Mi Note Pro and iPhone 6 in their designs.

21. GalaxyS5

Posts: 430; Member since: Aug 05, 2014

how is it that it looks like an iphone but when you hold it, it doesn't? it's an iphone copy, everybody knows it everybody says it. from average people to tech sites. *cough* MiPad *cough*.

30. reckless562

Posts: 1153; Member since: Sep 09, 2013

weight probably

12. nedooo

Posts: 71; Member since: Apr 10, 2012

No just sheep, rounded back glass panel...all modern smartphones have similarities and differences...

29. reckless562

Posts: 1153; Member since: Sep 09, 2013

.....kinda think u Aaarrrrreeee

41. kabhijeet.16

Posts: 889; Member since: Dec 05, 2012

Better to have Mi note than spending 3 times the price for an iPhone. And that too will be obsolete in 2 years. Better save some money for family.

3. engineer-1701d unregistered

Love it nice I really like the note pro the 810 and 4gb nice

4. dmakun

Posts: 382; Member since: Jun 06, 2011

Lol! Well this ad proves that Xiaomi takes a "critical look" at the iPhone when producing their devices.

27. frydaexiii

Posts: 1476; Member since: Dec 01, 2011

Of cause everyone takes a critical look at the iPhone when producing devices...Nobody wants to get sued over having rounded corners, Apple's patented protruding camera and malleability.

31. reckless562

Posts: 1153; Member since: Sep 09, 2013

lmao Thank you!!!

5. ravipotter

Posts: 19; Member since: Dec 27, 2012

I'm not sure that's a good ad. In a way they are ridiculing themselves, suggesting that it was nothing but an iPhone clone. If Xiaomi wants people not to compare/ treat it as an iPhone clone, first they themselves should stop doing it. Best decision would be to fire away who ever proposed that ad.

6. h27_Venom

Posts: 76; Member since: May 16, 2014

Mi note is powered by snapdragon 801 and mi note pro has snapdragon 810..Typo i guess

8. itsdeepak4u2000

Posts: 3718; Member since: Nov 03, 2012

No typo I think coz same type of mistake is done by others also. Again Mi Note is not 64 bit.

7. vuyonc

Posts: 1090; Member since: Feb 24, 2014

Kinda beating a dead horse.

32. reckless562

Posts: 1153; Member since: Sep 09, 2013

i see what u did there!!! :-D +1!!!

9. Bondurant

Posts: 781; Member since: Jun 04, 2014

Xiaomi's Mi4 had a protruding camera too. Only in the new Xiaomi Note 2 they copied Huawei Honor 6 camera and saved the embarrassment.

22. GalaxyS5

Posts: 430; Member since: Aug 05, 2014

lol at the xiwawomi copying hawawi .. they don't know what to copy anymore they're copying each other now

39. Neo_Huang

Posts: 1067; Member since: Dec 06, 2013

Maybe you could try using copy and paste instead of embarrassing yourself with horrible spelling.

44. GalaxyS5

Posts: 430; Member since: Aug 05, 2014


10. Cyagocaliz unregistered

Xiaomi's camera is horrible when it comes to the color reproduction...while iPhone's 8MP shooter is one of the most accurate smartphone cameras in the world! How pathetic xiaomi is...

15. Iodine

Posts: 1480; Member since: Jun 19, 2014

Yep - bigger camera = better camera (with the same available tech). I really love that less than 1mm "ugly bulge" that makes some amazing pictures. They could go thinnet no problem look at iPad Air 2 and it's 6,1 mm non protruding camera you got 8 Mpix and wide apperture.... But just 1,12 micron pixel instead of 1,5 ( almost 80% bigger pixels) in the iPhone - a huge downgrade.

35. darkkjedii

Posts: 31039; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Rite bro, those camera's are awesome! Beautiful pics, great vids, crisp time lapse, tite slow mo. The editing tools are fantastic, I see why, no wait, I use why it's so popular :D

24. shahrooz

Posts: 792; Member since: Sep 17, 2013

Everybody knows iPhone's camera is anything but accurate! It produces warm colors which is nice to look at but it's not accurate.

13. Kruze

Posts: 1285; Member since: Dec 30, 2014

LOL...good job, Xiaomi! Mi Note Pro > iPhone 6

19. Cyagocaliz unregistered

Any example?

20. hipnotika

Posts: 353; Member since: Mar 06, 2013

in your dreams.

33. reckless562

Posts: 1153; Member since: Sep 09, 2013

go home

23. GalaxyS5

Posts: 430; Member since: Aug 05, 2014

I'd rather own an iphone 4 but not a xiwawami.

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