Apple's new model, iPhone Video, to be introduced and launched on Monday?

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Apple's new model, iPhone Video, to be introduced and launched on Monday?
We previously reported that Apple could be offering the new iPhone as soon as Monday's WWDC. Gear Live has sources telling them that Apple will be offering a limited number of a new model, the iPhone Video, on Monday following the introduction of the handset at the WWDC. Because the original plan was for a July launch, supplies will not be as plentiful as expected, but replenishment of store shelves will be rather quick. While there is obviously no official word of a new iPhone to be announced on Monday, many industry experts are expecting it including the WSJ's Dean of Tech editors, Walt Mossberg.

So what can we expect from a new iPhone Video? For one thing, it could be offered in 8GB, 16GB or 32 GB models. A 4GB version will be added later, but not for sale at the Apple Store. With a moniker like "Video", this iPhone should have a rockin' camera with auto focus and video capture. A front facing camera would be on the device although not necessarily for video chat. The new iPhone whould also have a faster processor under the hood.

Why rush a new iPhone out on Monday? With the Palm Pre's Saturday launch, Apple could get the media rushing over to report on a new iPhone with a quick announcement/launch on Monday. And if the introduction of a new iPhone model were to be made at the WWDC keynote speech for the third consecutive year by Steve Jobs, the Pre would get knocked off the front page and might never return. As we previously reported, it would be a huge surprise if Apple's CEO were to be the one to show off the latest of Apple's touchscreen smartphones. But it is just that element of surprise that would make it a compelling story if it were to happen.

source: Gear Live via BGR

The new iPhone is now officially announced - you can check the Apple iPhone 3G S Specifications here.


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