Possible new iPhone to go on sale as soon as WWDC?

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Possible new iPhone to go on sale as soon as WWDC?
The night and next few days may belong to Palm, but Apple may be looking to take their thunder away. Rumors have it that one of the new iPhones may go on sale as soon as WWDC. Now that's only four days from now! The Financial Times is stating that “people familiar with the initiative” is hinting towards a possible lower priced iPhone; possibly coming in at a $50 to $100 price lower than the current 8GB price point of $199. On top of that, it is speculated that it will be available the same day as the event on June 8. We would gather that Apple wants to steal away some of the spotlight from Palm. We'll have to wait and see what will happens next.

source: Financial Times via IntoMobile

The new iPhone is now officially announced - you can check the Apple iPhone 3G S Specifications here.


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1. matistight

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Ok i dont want any vzw people here cause all you will start is trouble I had verizon for a month...never got 3g...that stupid evdo came up once at 2 bars and the 1x at 3 or 4...so how much service did i have? Enough to call? Come on Verizon some people are not smart with phones. Make it a little...A LOT easier to read what the phone is trying to tell you... And hate the iphone because of this and this and this...JAILBREAK IT! Solves all your problems, video, bluetooth, sideways keyboard, customization, ringtones, free music, free movies, free apps...Any VZW phones have the option of jailbreak? I think not. Another thing is why is the blackberry pearl 8100 so much better than the Storm? I'll answer that, THE PEARL RESPONDS WHEN YOU DO SOMETHING! And if the storm is so cool cause its VZW, then why does it have a sim card slot?

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