Apple raising iPhone battery replacement prices, $29 deal coming to an end

Apple raising iPhone battery replacement prices, $29 deal coming to an end
Last year, Apple released an iOS update which introduced power management functionalities that addressed a problem with unexpected iPhone shut-downs after many user reports and complaints. At the time, no one asked about Apple's approach to fixing the issue and the company hushed it up until a user investigation and a subsequent confirmation from benchmark results provoked an official response. 

Apple's statement resulted in a huge community backlash and several lawsuits, forcing Tim Cook to out a letter of apology and Apple to commence its popular $29 battery replacement program in an attempt to regain the trust of users. Apple's decision to lower the price of iPhone battery replacements to $29 (from $79; 63% discount), is now about to go into reverse, it seems.

With the unveiling of the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, Apple updated a lot of the terms for trade-ins, insurance, and, yes, the battery replacement tags. Starting January 1, 2019, eligible phones from the iPhone 6 and up, will no longer be able to take advantage of the $29 battery replacement deal. 

The price tag will go to $49 for older iPhones, while the new gear from the iPhone X and up, will be charged $69 for a battery swap out of warranty. That's still lower than the $79 tag Apple charged before BatteryGate, and your XS or XR are unlikely to need the service in the foreseeable future anyway.

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