Apple's 2016 holiday ad is a monster with a message that we all need to learn

In 2013, Apple's holiday ad was about a kid who seemed to be disinterested in what his family was doing during a holiday vacation. Just when we think the kid is a bad seed, sitting with his iPhone all day and ignoring his family, the truth comes out. He's been filming a family oriented video with his phone. A real tearjerker if there ever was one, and it even won a Creative Arts Emmy for "Outstanding Commercial."

The 2014 holiday ad from Apple showed a young woman using Apple devices to produce a cover version of a song that her late grandfather recorded to vinyl years ago.  Last year's holiday ad featured a duet between Stevie Wonder and Andra Day. The pair sang Wonder's 1967 tune "Someday At Christmas."

This year, Apple has come up with a video that covers a topic that we've all heard about since the election. Inclusion. The spot is titled "Frankie's Holiday," and it shows a monster (Frankenstein) shunned by the people in his home town. Everyone is scared of him, even when he screws in a couple of light bulbs on each side of his neck turning him into a Christmas beacon.

While the townspeople look on, Frankie uses his iPhone to play a backing track and starts singing a holiday song. And as usual, it takes a young child to show the elders how to make someone feel at home. Soon, all the scared faces of the townspeople are replaced with smiles as everyone sings. And Apple comes up with a tag line that we can only pray is being seen by certain politicians who will remain nameless. "Open your heart to everyone." Pass the tissues, please.

source: Apple


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