Apple wins stay on posting "Samsung did not copy iPad' notice in UK

Apple wins stay on posting "Samsung did not copy iPad' notice in UK
You might remember that a week ago a judge in the U.K. gave Apple a backhanded compliment. The judge said that Samsung could not have copied the design for its Samsung Galaxy Tab from Apple's iPad because the latter had a "cool" design and Samsung's tablet wasn't "cool". Sure they were nice words for Apple to hear, but it did not win the ruling. Instead of having Tim Cook stand up in front of a blackboard to write 100 times, "I will not accuse Samsung of copying the iPad's design," Judge Colin Bliss told the Cupertino based firm to put up a notice on all Apple EU web sites and in local papers that Samsung did not copy Apple's designs for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This was ordered by the judge to stop everyone from believing the pre-trial rumors that Samsung had copied Apple's iPad design in producing the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Apple appealed the ruling and the appeals court has granted Apple a stay so that it will not have to post the notice until it has time to appeal the ruling this coming October.

The original ruling had ordered Apple to post a link on its EU websites to the judge's ruling for 1 year and publish notices in the Financial Times, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, Mobile Magazine and T3 "in a font size no small than Arial 14 on a page earlier than page 6." The notice had to correct the belief that Samsung had copied Apple's design for the iPad when it made the Samsung Galaxy Tab, In requesting a stay of that order, Apple's attorneys claimed that because Apple was buying the ad space, it was being forced to sponsor an ad for a competitor's device.

source: AppleInsider

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