Apple drops iOS 13.3, iPadOS 13.3, tvOS 13.3 and more

Apple drops iOS 13.3, iPadOS 13.3, tvOS 13.3 and more
Today is a day of operating system updates for Apple as the company dropped iOS 13.3, iPad OS 13.3, HomePod 13.3, tvOS 13.3 and watchOS 6.1.1. The update to iOS 13.3 for the iPhone and iPad OS 13.3 for, well, you know, adds Communication Limits support in Screen Time. The latter measures how long you use your phone or tablet, what apps you use the most, and allows parents to limit their children's use of certain apps.

With the new feature, users can decide who they can communicate with and when they can communicate with them during "Downtime." This is a setting on Screen Time that when enabled, prevents the user from opening certain apps, receiving notifications and getting phone calls during certain time periods except for apps and callers that are selected as "Always Allowed." By default, Downtime, when enabled, will run from 10 pm to 7 am local time. With the new Communication Limits, parents can prevent their kids from calling, texting or using FaceTime with anyone else but them after a certain time of day.

The updated iOS and iPadOS 13.3 contain several bug fixes and improvements

With the update, Apple answered complaints from users about Memoji and Animoji stickers. The stickers were showing up alongside the emoji keyboard and users went into a conniption. But after installing iOS or iPad OS 13.3, users can disable this feature by going to Settings > General > Keyboard > Emoji.  In Apple News+, stories from The Wall Street Journal and other newspapers now have a new layout and stories can be liked or disliked with a tap. In Canada, articles in the Stocks app are now available in both English and French. Top stories can now have a "Breaking" or "Developing" label to users find the latest and most important content.

Several bug fixes and improvements are part of the new update. When trimming a video in Photos, users will be able to create a new video clip. Bugs have been exterminated that prevented a message from being deleted in Gmail and prevented new messages from loading in Mail. With the update, screenshots shouldn't look blurry any more when disseminated via Messages, and if you cropped or used Markup on a screenshot, it will save with the changes that were made. Missed call badges should now disappear, and Voice Memo recordings can now be shared with other audio apps. In addition, Apple says that the update addresses an issue that made some wireless chargers charge more slowly than expected. It also corrects an issue that had the Cellular Data setting incorrectly show as being "off," and one that prevented users from turning off Dark Mode when Smart Invert was enabled. The update also takes care of an issue that caused incorrect characters to show up in Messages and duplicate sent messages in Exchange accounts.

To update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13.3 or iPadOS 13.3, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

In tvOS 13.3, Apple gives users the option to bring back the "Up Next" queue in the Top Shelf app. Apple had changed this to show clips of previews and trailers called "What to Watch." This is found in the Home Screen section and after updating to tvOS 13.3 users can go to Settings > Apps > TV to make the change. Apple is also disseminating watchOS 6.1.1 for Apple Watch users. There are no new features in the update, but it does contain some bug fixes and performance improvements.

And HomePod OS 13.3 has also been released.  With the update, Apple's smart speaker will do better at recognizing the voice profile of family members. It also will allow family members to enable or disable personal requests and fixes an issue that could prevent music playback from resuming on a stereo pair after a phone call.



1. mackan84

Posts: 682; Member since: Feb 13, 2014

Me instinctively needed to check out how I could mess up the kids screen time even more :)

2. darkkjedii

Posts: 31757; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Nice to see they re added the save as new clip option for videos, they should've never removed it. That feature debuted with the first update on the 3GS.

3. tbreezy

Posts: 231; Member since: Aug 11, 2019

iPhone, iPad and Watch all updated :) By the way PhoneArena there is also iOS 12.4.4 for iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 3. 6 years worth of updates and the 5S is running beautifully! Why aren’t you reporting this?

5. iushnt

Posts: 3174; Member since: Feb 06, 2013

Because that’s not iOS 13.

7. tbreezy

Posts: 231; Member since: Aug 11, 2019

They can do another article, duh. That’s what I am asking.

6. darkkjedii

Posts: 31757; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Why do they need to? You could always start your own tech site, and report it yourself. This article is about the iOS13.

4. whatev

Posts: 2444; Member since: Oct 28, 2015

macOS was also updated

8. emcdonald75

Posts: 169; Member since: Nov 07, 2012

So this is why my CarPlay app acts ALL crazy now after finally getting it to work in the last update. I have never seen so many bugs in my life. If Android Auto would work in my car, I would have switched back to Android a long time ago.

9. Khyron

Posts: 402; Member since: Sep 28, 2015

Still the old custom keyboard bug Is messing things up everytime I rey yo write something

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