Top analyst states Apple is aggresively testing Vapor Chamber heat management for future iPhones

Top analyst states Apple is vigurously testing Vapor Chamber heat management for future iPhones
Apple is reportedly working really hard to get the future iPhones a better cooling system. Top industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple has been aggressively testing Vapor chamber technology, reports AppleInsider. The analyst believes the tech will be incorporated into upcoming iPhone models; however, it is unclear whether this will be the iPhone 13 we might expect in the fall of 2021.

Vapor chamber (VC) technology involves the evaporation of water or another liquid within a specialized heat pipe or structure. The heat structure goes through the chassis of the phone. The liquid in the structure evaporates when the devices’ processors and other electronic components heat up from the high load. The produced vapor then spreads thermal energy through the evaporation chamber and travels to areas of lower pressure, therefore cooling the device.

Then, a specialized condenser tech removes the heat from the vapor, which then transforms again into a liquid state.

Reportedly, Apple has been working on a VC system for some time; however, it has not yet been implemented in an iPhone because the technology or the system in an iPhone did not live up to Cupertino’s high standards.

Kuo stated that high-end iPhone models would feature VC technology in the near future. The analyst added that the VC thermal technology is necessary for the iPhones with the adoption of the demanding 5G capabilities, which increase the load and therefore the hotness of the phones’ CPU. An improved thermal system will help Apple increase the performance of future iPhones and limit extensive heating of iPhones when on 5G.
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